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To make better decisions faster, business executives and managers need relevant and useful facts at their fingertips. Usually there is often a large gap between the information that decision makers require and the mountains of data that businesses collect every day through purchases, stock movements, and point of sale operations. This is called “analysis gap”. Candela BI bridges this gap and enables the management to get desired information for decision support.


Gain insights into past Business performance

Perform complex trend analysis on sales and financial information

Analyze stock and business performance metrics

Discover new relationships between different sets of data

View data from different Perspectives

Access your data from anywhere in the world

Business Intelligence Dashboard

Keep Track of the Vital Signs of Your Business

When you click on the BI icon, the system will launch a dashboard displaying different types of information.

Candela BI dash board displays the vital signs of your business. It shows you where it stands in terms of ideal performance indicators.

Regular and immediate access to this kind of information can indicate where you need to focus and what kind of decisions you should be making.

You can dig deeper for more meaningful information with the help of dashboard filters. These filters help you analyze data from various dimensions like product, time, place, and categories, and, hence, make timely strategic decisions.

Business Intelligence Reports

Visual and tabular reports show how the important KPIs are related to one another in several ways


Sales reports give snapshots of your business’s profitability during the selected time period.

You can check average daily sales for different shops, different line items in each shop, analyze your gross margins against sales and discounts, have timely access to sell-thru data, and other important sales metrics.


The Candela BI Purchase Reports section gives you a variety of options and criteria to generate a wide range of purchase related information in different formats.

You can generate reports that provide detail information about your company’s total purchases, purchases by line items, purchases by shop, purchases by products, purchases by days, and other pertinent information related to stock.

These reports are useful for analyzing and forecasting cash flows, and estimating inventory levels.


Inventory section provides a range of reports that display extensive information on inventory data. These reports lend visibility to your merchandise, and help you base your replenishment cycle on real-time information about stock availability. There are reports to reflect incorrectly executed transactions to identify the causes of negative inventory.


Movement refers to all types of movement of stock: receipts, issues, transfers, returns. From Stock movement reports you can make inferences about sales history, customer demand, seasonal demand, stock turnover analysis, etc. This information is essential to the decision making process related to stock holding and re-ordering levels. Careful thought on stock movement is also important because it helps you manage pressures on your business cash flows, avoid negative cash flows, and identify where inventory may need to be changed.

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