Multi-store POS and Inventory Management Solution

Making retail simple for multi-location retailers

Consolidated Sales & Stock Information at the Head Office

All shops are connected to the head office via internet, regular data synchronization provides the Head office with the required information. Built-in analytics provide stock and sales position of different shops.

Transfer Stock between warehouses and Retail Shops. Move the Stock Between Retail Outlets

Stock Transfer function in Candela allows you to transfer stock in three ways: from one dispatch unit to one receiving unit, one dispatch unit to multiple receiving units , multiple dispatch units to one receiving unit

Auto Adjust Re-Order Levels based on the Sales Pattern for the Selected Period

Multi chain stores have the option to base stock transfers on sales performances of different shops. The sales reports of different shops can tell you which items are selling more at a particular shop and you can then transfer stock accordingly. You can build STRs based on sales of various shops during a particular date range.

Stock Transfer in Candela Inventory Management Software

Franchise Management

Candela provides a complete franchise management system. You can not only designate shops as franchises but can also manage line item wise percentages for determining revenue share on regular sales as well as discount campaigns.

Automated Report and Email Scheduling

You can pre-configure schedule for sending reports or emails to selected users on a periodic basis


Automated and Pre-Scheduled Data Transfer

This feature allows you to configure regular data transfer between shops and head office. Data will be automatically synchronized according to the configured time schedule.


Centralized Messaging System between the Head Office and Outlets

The Head Office and the outlets can communicate via messages through Candela. The messages will keep appearing on the main screen until they are marked as read.


Lookout for Product Availability at other Shops

This feature allows salespersons of a particular shop to check the availability of various items at other outlets. For example, if a customer visits shop A and wants a product that’s not available in the required size, the salesperson can check product’s availability at other outlets, and guide the customer to the outlet where the required item is available.

Pricing and Promotions Management from the Head Office

Candela allows you to set desired promotions strategies/ campaigns for different outlets according to a shop’s location and customer base.

Depending on your particular shop’s location and customer base, you may want to set one price for shop A and a different price for shop B for the same item. You can make different promotional strategies/campaigns for different shops; offer different types of discounts at different shops; Offer different types of discounts for different products at each shop; make a different future pricing strategy for each shop.

Configure Different Product Prices for Every Shop

Multi chain stores can make product price adjustments based on store locations and target specific customers by selling the same , the same products can be sold at prices that vary with store locations


Initiation of Stock Transfer Request by Retail Outlet or a Warehouse.

Multi chain store retailers can load requests sent from shops for items they want to dispatch or receive. Such requests are made at shops and received by HO through data transfer.

Intelligent inventory distribution and optimization algorithms of Candela RMS maintain the required inventory at stores. Stock transfers between stores is automated and centrally managed through head office.

Assignment of Selected Product lines to Different User Groups

The head office can stream line retail operations by assigning a shop, a cluster of shops, or line items to one group. The group will then have the rights to view all activities of the assigned shops or line items

Availability of Selected Product Lines at Selected Shops.

Users can manage multiple brands under one license by show casing selected line items at particular shops. For example, you may wish to sell only shoes and bags at one of your outlets, and only clothing items at the other shop. If you have multiple brands, this feature effectively manages all your brands.

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