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Cloud Server: What is Candela Cloud Server

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The cloud server for Candela is a cloud-hosted virtual Candela server that runs in a cloud computing environment. This means there is no physical machine working as a server. The server is hosted on a cloud and can be accessed via the internet like your Gmail or Yahoo account. All sever data exists on the cloud and users are connected via RDP (remote desktop protocol).

benefits of cloud server: Economical

Cloud server requires only monthly hosting charges and there are no upfront or infrastructure costs. Physical servers require dedicated machines with specialized features like fast hard disks, fast network cards, fast CPU, enough RAM, and server redundancy to process requests quickly and save data backups.

Moreover, you can save costs on electricity bills as there is no need to dedicate a physical space with a certain temperature for server machines.



When your Candela server is on the cloud, you can access data from anywhere anytime.

You only need an internet connection to log in to your system and check the reports, define products, enter inventory, etc


The main benefit of using a cloud server is data security. Since the data is not on any physical machine, there is no danger of hard-drive crashing or manual data theft.

Also, antivirus software on the server that forestalls all types of virus attacks.

Unauthorized access to data is also not possible because the data is password protected and only people with the login ID and password have access to the data.

 easy maintenance

Easy Maintenance

The cloud server is easy to maintain. No physical maintenance is involved and all the system updates are automatic. Like in physical machines, you don’t need to increase RAM, attach extra hard drives, or update operating systems, and there are no recurring maintenance costs. The server’s maintenance including firewall and antivirus update is the responsibility of Lumensoft.

Cloud Server for Candela: Frequently Asked Questions

Who can benefit from a cloud server?

Anyone running a retail or wholesale store can use the Candela Cloud server. Whether you are using a personal version or professional/enterprise version of Candela, you can opt for a cloud server.

If I want to use the cloud sever, what do I have to do?

All you need to do is call contact us and let us know about your requirements. We will send you a quote, and once we receive the payment, we will send the users’ IDs and passwords along with server IP Address.

How will the POS work?

For Enterprise/Professional version of Candela POS, there will be no effect on POS functions. The shop server will be connected to the main cloud server, and the POS/Tills at the shop will be linked with the shop server and they will work as they do for the normal HO server.

For the personal version, the users of POS/Till can access the cloud server as an RDP session (remote desktop) by using their provided credentials. Each user will be treated as POS; however, devices like printer/scanner will be installed and configured at local machine of the users.

How will I connect my hardware like printer and barcode scanner?

With cloud servers, usually network (IP based devices i.e. printer/scanners) are used.  These devices are installed on your local machines and appear on cloud servers as virtual devices.

However, with virtual devices, there can be speed issues. To ensure optimum printing performance,  we recommend configuring a replicated shop. Printer (Laser/bar code) is usually installed and connected at the replicated shop from where printing can be done. Scanners are usually required at POS, which is not on the cloud, so virtual scanners are not needed.

Will there be a delay in printing if the printer is attached to a remote sever?

Yes, some delay is experienced. Make sure you use a Network/IP printer. Moreover, you can create a replicated shop and print all barcodes and receipts from there.

Is Cloud Server Expensive?

It depends on what you consider expensive. But in the larger scheme of things, it is quite cost-effective. No hardware for the server is required, no upgrades are needed, and when your specs requirements increase, you will not have to add new machines. 

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