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Candela Help Center: Retail Operations Guides

OPER– 01

Candela Screen Paths (April 26, 2018)

OPER– 02

How to Record Missed Sales in Candela (last edited Jan 22, 2018)

OPER– 03

Candela for Salons (Last edited Oct 11, 2017)

OPER– 04


OPER– 05

Booking Advance Orders on Sales & Return Screen (Last edited october 4)

OPER– 06

Loaders and How to Use them

OPER– 07

Candela Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

OPER– 08


OPER– 09

Tax Implementation Related Changes

OPER– 10

Working on an Offline Till

OPER– 11

Customer Orders & Layaway Management (discontinued)

OPER– 12

Customer Loyalty Club

OPER– 13

Advanced Loyalty Club Features

OPER– 14

Retail Price Management in Candela

OPER– 15

Cost Price Management in Candela

OPER– 16

Stock Transfer

OPER– 17

Product Assembly

OPER– 18

C13. Reports Email on Predefined Schedule

OPER– 19

C06A. Candela Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

OPER– 20

Candela Training Outline

OPER– 21

Batch Management in Candela RMS

OPER– 22

From professional to Enterprise

OPER– 23

How to Use Gift Card Feature in Candela RMS

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