Employee Management in Candela RMS

Candela retail management system allows you to easily manage your employees. Employee management in Candela begins by defining your employees in the system. Once the employees are defined you can assign them various responsibilities, manage their attendance, commission, etc.


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How to Manage Your Employees in Candela

Employee management in Candela begins by defining your employees in the system. The next step is to assign various duties and rights to each employee. In Candela, you can easily control the rights of each employee, keep track of their attendance, and create and check various employees ledgers.


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How to Define an Employee

To define employees, go to Store Definition and click the Employees tab


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Sales Commission in Candela RMS Part 1

Learn how to configure different types of sales commissions, item-wise commission, and attach them to salespersons


Watch Time: 2:44 (Minutes)

How to make your sales password protected


Watch Time: 4:13 (Minutes)

How to Mark Employees Attendance

To mark attendance, from the Shop Activities menu select Employees Attendance


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Sales Commission in Candela RMS Part 2

Learn how to apply salesperson commission and item-wise commission & check report C-11 Salesperson wise sales report


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How to Print Employee Cards

Learn how to log in with swipe cards & how to print swipe cards in Candela Software


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How to Manage Salesperson Ledger

Salesperson ledgers are managed in wholesale businesses. Learn how to check the A-11 salesperson ledger report


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Retail Software-How to Define a Salesperson

After defining employees, learn how to designate one of your employees as a salesperson


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How to Handle Multiple Sales Persons

Learn how to configure and attach multiple salespersons with different items in a single invoice, 

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