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Candela Retail POS & Inventory Management Features Checklist

Discover Retail POS and Inventory Management Features that can streamline your Retail Business

Centralized Retail Management with Candela

Centralized Retail Management

Complete data related to sales & stocks at a centralized location helps informed decision making. Sales and stocks information from different retail outlets and warehouses is made available at the head office.

Manage Product Variants with candela

Product Variants

Size and color businesses like apparel and footwear can easily create variants like size, design and color for a single product. GRN and PO and reports in matrix format can be generated and filtered on a single variant.

Retail software features: secure retail management system

User Access Security Management

Users are made part of a group and get the rights associated with that group. Only authorized users can operate it and view various screen, and all user actions are logged and screen wise actions can be viewed by the admin.

Barcode Enabled Software

Barcode Enabled Software

Candela supports barcode readers and hand held scanners throughout the entire retail cycle. This ensures the integrity of data and reduces the chances of manual errors. Manual entry is also possible.

Candela provides visual interface to design barcodes

Barcode Designer

Candela provides visual interface to design barcodes by selecting prices, data fonts, sizes, logos, etc. Users can select the required data fields and adjust their location for printing on the barcodes.

 nested barcodes in retail software

Nested Barcodes

Multiple barcodes can be linked to one barcode. Each slave barcode can represent different packaging and pricing for the master barcode. Invoice shows both codes & stock is managed for the master barcode.

Candela has Multi-Currency Functionality

Multi-Currency Functionality

Multi-currency facility in Candela enables the retailers to extend their retail operations in various countries with different operating currencies. Prices in different currencies can be configured for each shop, and prices printed on barcodes.

Manage communication Communication Module in Candela

Communication Module

Reports schedule can be configured. Based on the schedule, reports are emailed automatically to system users. System generated SMS can also be configured customers, suppliers and for different activities and transaction.

product assembly creation in retail software

Product Assembly Creation

Define product assemblies and its recipe or BOM. Assemblies can be automatically created based on sales quantities and thus raw materials consumption is recorded by the system. User can assemble/disassemble assemblies.

Integration with Retail Hardware

Candela is integrated with retail hardware like printers, scanners, customer pole displays, cash drawers, and weighing scales.

Selected hardware devices have seamless integration for efficient retail operations.

Barcode printers are integrated to print different types of barcodes.

Invoice can be printed on retail POS printers or laser printers.

Different Tills can have different hardware configurations.

Candela has Customizable POS interface to suit different businesses

Invoice Generation and Point of Sales

Customizable POS interface to suit different business rules and requirements. Generate invoices of sales, exchanges, returns to customers, and use multiple Point of Sale terminals at any retail outlet.

Candela provides touch screen facility for POS

Touch Screen Facility for POS

Candela provides touch screen that can be switched ON or OFF for each POS. All numeric entries can be done through touch key pad and multiple item groups and products can be configured.

override login facility for POS in Candela

Override Log-in Facility

Candela provides Override login for POS operations. Supervisor can login to perform Operations for which cashier is not authorized. When supervisor logs out, the previous login is automatically restored.

Tax management and reporting in Candela

Tax Management & Reporting

With comprehensive tax management facility, input Tax during purchases and output tax from sales is recorded. Tax can be configured for all transactions of a shop or for each product separately.

manage discounts and promotions in candela

Discounts & Promotions Management

With a powerful discount management discounts are automatically applied while making invoices. Various types of discounts can be applied to selected or all products & to selected or all shops.

Manage vendor accounts in Candela

Supplier Management Module

An integrated vendor module enables the users to manage vendors and their accounts. Also there is a provision for direct purchases and consignment purchases. Vendor ledgers & supplier performance reporting are available.

Non-Payment & Offline POS Tills

Candela has Non Payment Tills to make bills or delivery chalan.

These Bills when scanned at payment counters are automatically converted to Invoices.

Re-scanning of bills can be blocked

You can configure POS Tills as Off-Line.

Offline tills work independently thus if the server goes down, the POS operations are not affected. The Off-Line Tills are synchronized with the shop server at regular intervals.

Employee Attendance Management in Candela

Employee Attendance Management

Attendance module, which can be managed through barcode or RFID, for shop employees, is available for single location stores and multi-location stores. Attendance data from all shops is available at the head office.

customer and supplier ledgers in inventory management software

Customer and Supplier Ledgers

Customer and Supplier ledgers can be maintained in Candela. When stock is received on credit or returned, supplier ledgers are updated in the sytem. Similarly, ledgers are maintained for credit customers.

Physical Audits and Stock Takes in Candela

Physical Audits and Stock Takes

Candela allows to carryout stock take of every “Rack” or “Cabinet” separately. Stock take can be done both manually and with barcode reader; the process does not require mandatory freezing of operations .

Manual & Automated Purchase Order Generation in Candela

Manual & Automated Purchase Order Generation

Candela provides the facility to generate purchase orders for the suppliers. Purchase orders can be generated manually or using system support. You can make purchase orders mandatory or keep them optional.

Make Multiple GRNs against one PO in Candela

Goods Receipt Note (GRN)

Multiple GRNs can be made against one PO if stock is received in parts, barcodes for received stock can be printed directly. GRNs can also be loaded through text files or data collectors.

Candela provides Comprehensive Reports for Business Analysis

Comprehensive Reports for Business Analysis

ariety of reports to analyze sales, stocks, inventory movement etc. A flexible criteria can be given by the user to see specific data. Reports can be exported to excel or CSV format.

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