Four reasons to Use the Secondary Sales Receipt Feature in Candela

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secondary sales receipt feature in Candela

​To watch the video tutorial on the secondary receipt feature click this link


Sales receipt is an important document and it can be used in many ways to make retail simple. Candela retail software has a robust sales receipt feature that you can easily customize according to your business requirements.

What is Secondary Receipt and How to Set it


The receipt page set up screen in Candela provides a number of receipt templates that you can choose from. One important feature on the receipt page set up screen is the secondary receipt functionality. This means you can select two types of receipts and attach them to two different printers. Once you have set up two types of receipts on the receipt page set-up, you can select the receipt of your choice on the retail pos screen.

On the receipt page set-up screen, click the Add Secondary Printer Link. Now in the Printer Name field, select printer for the secondary receipt, and from the Receipt Type drop down menu, select the receipt type that you want to set as secondary receipt. Save.


When to Use the Secondary Receipt Feature


The secondary receipt feature can be used in various scenarios. Listed below are the four reasons to use this feature.

1. When You Deal in Both Retail and Wholesale.


If you have both retail and wholesale customers, you can set two different types of receipts for each customer type. Generally speaking, more information like customer ledgers, credit limit, etc. is needed on the sales receipt for wholesalers, and this requires the A4 size of the receipt. You can thus select the A4 size template for the secondary receipt.


2. When You Need the Option to Print Tax or Non-Tax Sales Receipts


Some of your customers may require a tax receipt while some may not need it. You can set two receipt types and select the receipt you want to print on the sale and return screen.


3. When Your Customers Want Receipts that Don’t Fade with Time


Standard 3″ sales receipts are printed on thermal paper and they fade with time. Sometimes, your customers need receipts that last longer. For example, if you are using Candela pharmacy software your customers may need a receipt that lasts longer for the re-imbursement of medical expense. Whatever the reason, you can easily cater to your customers’ need for A4 size receipt by using the secondary receipt option.


4. When You Sell Expensive Items


Selling of expensive/ exclusive items is usually marked by special packaging, is paired with a gift item, or any other way to make the customer feel special. For such exclusive item, A4 receipts properly wrapped in an envelope can be used.



The secondary sales receipt feature is used when you need different types of receipts for different types of customers and transactions. Instead of changing the default receipt on the receipt page set up screen, you can easily select the receipt type you need on the sales and return screen.

The secondary receipt feature keeps your checkout process smooth and makes retail simple. Are you using this feature? How has this helped you? Let us know in the comments section below.

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