How to Use Gift Cards in Retail Business

Gift cards can be used as an effective marketing strategy in retail businesses. The video tutorials in this section help you learn how to define & create gift cards in Candela, how to print them, and how to redeem them. You can also download the detailed guide on the gift card feature in Candela.

Gift Card Creation and Management in Candela Retail Software

Gift-Card-what are gift cards & how to configure them

Watch Time: 3:54 (Minutes)

What are Gift Cards & How to Configure Them



Watch Time: 3:01 (Minutes)

Gift Cards reports



Watch Time: 5:11 (Minutes)

How to Define, Generate and Distribute Gift Cards



Watch Time: 5:31 (Minutes)

How to Map Gift Cards on Alternate Cards and Sale


How to redeem gift cards and check balance

Watch Time: 3:58 (Minutes)

How to Redeem Gift Cards and Check Balance


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