Home Delivery Management with Candela RMS

Home delivery management with Candela RMS is easy. There are two ways to do it. The video tutorials in this section show you how you can use Candela retail software to provide home delivery services to your customers.

Home Delivery Management Made Easy

The four tutorials listed below will show you how you can use different features in Candela to manage home deliveries. You can also read the detailed article on home delivery service for retailers: How to Manage it with Candela.



This video tutorial gives a brief overview of how Candela can help you manage home deliveries. The first thing you need to do is to inform your customers that you are providing the home delivery facility. For this, you can use the SMS feature in Candela: Utilities>Send SMS


Customers can place orders by calling you. Load products on the sales and return screen and note the customer’s address and phone number in the Comments field to print on the receipt. Give the receipt to your rider with the purchased items.


To manage returns, click Search Receipt on the sales and return screen, and then click the Return button against the receipt that’s returned. The receipt will load on the main screen, click Save. The items will be returned to stock.


To manage delivery e

Home Delivery Management Module


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