How Mobile Phone Sellers Can Manage Inventory

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How mobile phone sellers can manage inventory

For mobile phone sellers, Candela has special features that cater to the specific inventory management needs of mobile phone retailers. Stock management involves entering stock of cell phones in your system, keeping track of each item sold and making informed decisions about the future needs of your customers.[spacer height=”20px”]

IMEI and Serial Numbers Make Each Mobile Set Unique[spacer height=”20px”]

The reason why inventory management of mobile phones is different from other consumer items is that each mobile set has unique IMEI and serial numbers. This means, while entering stock of one mobile model of a particular brand, you will have to enter the serial number or IMEI number of each set.

Candela makes it easy. In this tutorial, we will show how you can enter the stock of mobile phones in Candela and manage IMEI or the serial number of each mobile set.

Let’s get started.[spacer height=”20px”]

Define Mobile Phone (Model)[spacer height=”20px”]

The first step is to define a particular mobile model and brand in Candela. Go to product definition screen, and enter product information


defining-mobile-model-and-brand-in-candela retail software

Once you have defined all your mobile models, you are ready to enter the stock [spacer height=”20px”]

Configure Candela for Serialized Inventory[spacer height=”20px”]

To be able to enter the serial or IMEI number of each mobile set, you need to make one configuration in Candela.

Go to: System Configuration> Purchase tab

Mark the checkbox ‘Enable Serialized Inventory.


enable-serialized-inventory-in-candela retail software

Now your system is configured to enter a unique number of each set. Let’s move on to the next step to see how it is done.[spacer height=”20px”]

Enter Stock with IMEI or Serial Numbers[spacer height=”20px”]

Go to Purchase>GRN screen.

Select your product, and enter the quantity.

For example, if you have five sets of a particular brand and model, you will enter 5 in the pack quantity column.

Save the GRN record


To enter IMEI or a serial number of each set, click the Records tab, select the saved GRN and double click to open it on the main screen.

You will notice that the Add Serialized Inventory button has become active.

Click this button to open the serialized inventory screen.

Scan IMEI or the Serial number of each set.

Note: If there are two IMEI numbers, like for cell phones with dual SIMS, scan the serialized number. You cannot enter more numbers than the product quantity. Thus if you have entered quantity as 5, the system will allow you to enter five numbers, one for each set.


Customizing receipt to show IMEI (or Serialized) Number) [spacer height=”20px”]

If you want to show IMEI or serialized number on the sales receipt, you can pre-select the appropriate receipt type.

To select receipt, go to Utilities>Setup and Configuration>Receipt Page Setup

Now, from Receipt Type dropdown menu select SR-03 A 3 inch with Full Product Name.


The printed sales receipt will show the unique number of the sold set:

sales-receipt-with-IMEI-numbers in Candela retail software

Selling Mobile phones and Checking Stock [spacer height=”20px”]

While selling a particular mobile phone, just scan the mobile set’s IMEI or serial number in the Batch No column on the sales & return screen.

Finally, you can check the stock of sold items along with their IMEI numbers in C-23 serialized sale/stock report:


Keeping track of IMEI numbers of all mobile sets whether in stock or sold is important. With Candela serialized inventory feature, mobile phone sellers can easily enter stock and keep track of stock and sales.

Have you tried the serialized feature in Candela? Do you use it for mobile-phones or some other gadgets? Share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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