Website Footer: How to Add and Customize a WordPress Footer

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Website footer
Website Footer is a piece of information at the bottom of a webpage, and the visitors see it when they scroll down. You can utilize this space to add site navigation, text, images, subscription forms, or any other piece of information you consider important.

Many WordPress themes come with different pre-made footer templates that you can use for some fancy designs. And if you are a coding expert, you can add CSS and HTML code to create some advanced footer templates. . However, for a simple, elegant footer, the built-in footer area in WordPress suffices. It is is very easy to customize and this, I believe, is a huge plus for code challenged WordPress enthusiasts.

So let’s get started and put your website on a solid footing![spacer height=”20px”]

How Do You Set the Website Footer Layout

[spacer height=”20px”]In this step, we will select the website footer layout and its background color.

Nothing complicated here. You just have to decide how to divide the footer area, for example, you can divide it into two parts, three parts, four parts, etc.

To make this decision, from your WordPress admin dashboard, select your theme and then theme customizer.

I am using the Divi theme, and all the screenshots in this article show the theme customizer area as it appears in Divi. If you are using a different theme, there may be a slight difference in the interface but the basics remain the same. And yes, as you can notice, the footer area shown in the images is of Candela RMS.

Clicking the theme customizer link will take you to the theme customizer panel. Click the Footer field to expand it, and you will see the message ‘you are customizing footer.’

Click on the Layout field to expand it, and select the layout you want.

Select the Footer Background Color by clicking the color selector and click the Publish button.

How to set the website footer layout

[spacer height=”20px”]How to Show Social Media Icons on the Website Footer Bar[spacer height=”20px”]

How to show social media icons on the website footer

To show social media icons on the footer bar, go to the footer customizer area shown above.

Click the Footer Elements field to expand it.

Mark the checkbox ‘Show Social Icons’


How Do You Copyright Website Footer & Change the Footer Bar Color

[spacer height=”20px”]In this step, we will change the default copyright message on the footer bar to use our own customized message.

The Footer bar is the bottom of the footer area, it is used to show the copyright message and the social media icons. You can customize the color of the footer bar, the color and font of the copyright message, and the color of social media icons.

On theme customizer, select footer, and then expand Footer Bar.

As mentioned above, the footer bar will display social media icons and the copyright message. You can select a different background color for the bar or use the same color for both the bar and footer.

Select the font size and color for the copyright message. You can also opt not to show any message at all by selecting the checkbox ‘Disable Footer Credits.’

How Do You Copyright Website Footer

How to Add Website Footer Navigation Menu

[spacer height=”20px”]One important way to use the footer area is to display the sub-menu links that you consider important. You obviously cannot show the links to every important page in the primary menu, but you can give them enough visibility by displaying these links in the footer area.

Adding navigation links to the footer is a simple two-step process.

From the WordPress admin dashboard, go to Appearance>Menu

Create a new menu and select the pages or custom links to add to the menu


Similarly, you can, if you want to, create more menus and later add them to the footer area.

Once the menu is created, go to Appearance>Widgets

From the Available Widgets on the left side, select Navigation Menu and drag it to the footer area where you want to place it.

Expand the Navigation Menu, enter Title for it (the title will appear as the header of the navigation menu on the footer), and from the Select Menu drop-down, choose the menu you created for the footer area.

Click Save.

How to Add Website Footer Navigation Menu

How to Change Color of Footer Navigation Links

[spacer height=”20px”]To change the color, size, or fonts of the navigation links and header (titles ) of the navigation menus, go to theme customizer>footer>Widgets

Expand the widget field and customize it.

How to Change Color of Footer Navigation Links

How to Show Image in the Website Footer

[spacer height=”20px”]To show image, text, or other widgets in the footer area, select Appearance> Widgets from the WordPress admin dashboard.

From the Available Widgets on the left side, select the image widget, and drag it to the footer area. Similarly, you can select and drag other widgets like text, subscription forms, etc.

How to Edit the Footer and Check Responsiveness

[spacer height=”20px”]You can easily edit every footer area and check how responsive it is on mobile, desktop, or tablet. On the footer customizer panel, click on the desktop, mobile or tablet icons at the bottom.

On the right side, the footer area will become visible with the edit controls.

To edit any area or element, click the edit icon.

Make changes. When you are satisfied, click the Publish button.


How to edit a footer



Footer is an easy way to organize and highlight your site navigation, important links, and messages. You easily create a customize the footer area of your website in WordPress.

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