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Promotion packs in Candela RMS

One of the core strengths of good inventory management software is the versatility it offers to the users to make retail not just simple but super effective. In addition to many other features, the possibilities you have of creating successful marketing promos with Candela RMS are endless.

If you are already using Candela, you would know about the various types of marketing campaigns you can create in Candela. For example, we recently shared how you can create discount coupons for your customers.

Another important marketing strategy is offering promotional packs. Promotional packs help reel in new customers for old products, get current customers to buy new products or to simply give time-limited offer incentives to increase sales


What Makes Promotional Packages so Attractive?


Consumer psychology, of course.


A customer walks into your store and asks to buy a particular brand of perfume. And you tell her:

“Madam, this perfume comes in a promotional pack that comes with another new perfume, would you like to save money?”

Now, wouldn’t that be tempting?

This means the customer can get two items instead of one by spending a little more. Thus the same items when bought individually will cost more, this can lure the customer to buy the promo pack by dishing out some extra money.

In this article, we will look at how you can create and sell a promotional package in Candela RMS to help you give a boost to your marketing strategies.

Let’s get started.


Define Promotion Packs in Candela


It is simple. You define a promotion pack like any other product.

Go to the Product Definition screen, select line item (department)

Enter a Code for the promotion you want to create

Enter Name for the Pack





Add Promo Products


Now click Promotion tab, promotion screen will open up

Scan the products that are included in the promotion pack (remember these products can also be sold individually and their inventory exists in the system as individual products)

Enter Start and End dates to define time slot for limited-time offers

Enter Promotion Message to give an alert to the salesperson about the pack so that s/he can guide the customer.


adding-products-to-promo pack


Once all configurations are done and promotional packs are defined, you need to enter stock of the defined packs.


Enter Stock of Promo Packs


Whether you purchase promo packs from your supplier or create them yourself, you need to enter their stock to be able to sell them.

Go to Purchase>GRN

Enter stock and save.

If you want to, you can generate and attach the barcodes to the packs


entering stock of promo products in Candela


Configure Candela for Creating Promotion Packs Alerts


Go to System Configuration>Sales tab

Mark the checkbox ‘Promotion pack Alert’




Selling Promotion Packs


On the sales and return screen, when a salesperson scans a product that is also available in promo pack, the system will send an alert:

The salesperson can then guide the customer about the promotion, and, if the customer so demands, scan the promotion pack instead.


selling promo packs in Candela





Defining and selling promotion packs in Candela is easy. Along with other regular marketing campaigns, you can use promo packs to increase sales. Are you using promo packs in Candela? Want to know more about different marketing strategies you can use in Candela? Ask us about it in the comment section.

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