How to Define Products and Attach Attributes 

The video tutorials in this category will teach you how to enter your products in Candela RMS. You will also learn how to create departments and attach various attributes to each product.

Product Definition in Candela


Line items are departments of your business. Once these are defined, you can select each one and enter the relevant products of the selected line item. Define it through quick definition screen or to go to Configuration>Misc>Line item based attributes>line item


Learn about the functions of various other fields on the product definition screen like inventory levels, size and color options, user price, assembly radio button, technical details, etc.


You can scan product barcode in the product code field, or enter code manually, or create a code template. If you create a code template, Candela will automatically generate the next code when you press F 2 for the new item.


Product attributes help you further categorize your products and this helps in generating attribute specific reports. Attributes can be both line item based and product-based. You can also customize the names of the attributes shown in red color


Conversion factor is added for products that come in packs. You will add the number of units in each pack in the conversion factor field. The cost and retail price of each unit is entered. A purchase tax is added while entering the stock. And sales tax is applied while selling.

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