How to Sell in Packs & Units with Candela RMS

Selling in packs and units is an important requirement in many retail businesses. Any good retail software should make it easy for retailers to sell and manage inventory in both packs and units. Businesses like grocery stores and pharmacies have to sell packs of certain products, and, at times, also a single unit from certain packs. Candela retail software provides this flexibility to retailers of all verticals.

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Packs and Units Management in Candela RMS


How to sell in packs & units: Defining products packs

Watch Time: 1:46 (Minutes)

How to use conversion factor for defining products that come in packs

To define products that come in both packs and units, go to the Product Definition screen and define a product that is available in both packs and units. Now in the Purchase Conversion Factor field, enter the conversion unit. Enter other details.


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How to Enter Packs and Units During Stock Audit

Go to System Configuration>Product/STR tab. Mark the checkbox ‘Show Pack Qty on Audit screen.’ Now go to Shop activities>Stock Audit screen, load products and enter pack and unit quantities in the relevant columns



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How to enter stock of products in packs and units

To enter stock of products in packs and units, go to Purchase>GRN. Load products, enter the quantity against each product in the Packs column. The Unit column will show the units in each pack. The purchase rate is the rate of each pack..


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Which Reports Show Products in Both Packs and Units

To check stock and sale in packs, go to System Configuration>General tab. Mark the checkbox ‘Show Pack Quantity and update. Now you the system will show pack quantity in C-11, C-30 and D-07 reports.


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How to handle purchase return of packs and units

Go to Purchase>Purchase Return. If you want to return packs of products, mark the checkbox ‘Enable Packs’. Now in the grid, enter return quantity in the Return Qty column. For returning units, don’t mark the checkbox


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Selling Products in Packs and Units

Go to System Configuration>Sale tab. From the Default Sale Unit drop-down menu, select the sale unit, it will become your default sale unit on the sale and return screen. You can click the default unit in the Unit column to change it on sales & return.

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