inventory management software for restaurants

Restaurant Software for Food Service Industry

With Candela, Restaurant Retail is a Piece of Cake  

Restaurant chains or franchises, fast food eateries or take aways, cafes or fine dining restaurants, Candela RMS effectively manages every aspect of your food business. You can customize its various operations according to the kind of food services you are offering. It is as easy as pie to use, and helps your restaurant business bear fruit.

Once you configure Candela RMS for your restaurant it can take care of all your business requirements from booking of tables and placing of orders to printing of bills.

Restaurant Software Features

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  • Create Dining Areas and Tables
  • Order Taking on tablets
  • Assign Names to Halls and Tables
  • Book Halls and Tables
  • Manage Customer orders
  • Configure different Kitchens and attach Menu items
  • Print orders to different Kitchens
  • Control Menu Item Recipes
  • Control Raw material Consumption
Touch enabled POS for restaurants
Restaurant Software Touch Enabled POS

Candela Restaurant software,  POS and billing software is completely touch enabled. You can use the touch screen to log in, create customer orders, and print invoices. You can also use the mouse & keyboard.

Data Transfer from POS to Kitchen Displays in Candela
Data Transfer from POS to Kitchen Displays

All data about table orders is immediately transferred from the restaurant POS to Kitchen Displays. This ensures efficient order taking and fast & effective service.

Definition of Menu Items in restaurant inventory software
Definition of Menu Items

Menu items can be defined in different groups, like chinese, desserts, salads etc. On the point of sale screen menu items related to any group can be viewed with a touch or click of a mouse.

Order Taking on Tablets

Candela Restaurant tablet can be configured with Candela POS for Restaurants. The application supports all Android based tablets and mobile phones, and with its user-friendly interface it can be used for all types of eateries. Whether it is a fine dining restaurant, a high end coffee shop, or a small road side café, the app can be used for quick ordering and reducing time-to-serve.

Table order management in restaurant software

Table Order management

Orders are created against tables and sent to the kitchen displays. Orders with items related to different kitchens are divided and order-prints are sent to the kitchens.

table status management in restaurant software

Table Status Management

For a dining area, the tables are shown in different colors to represent different states: The free tables, the reserved tables, the busy tables, and the tables in billing status.

Table change management in restaurant software

Table Change Management

Once a customer starts dining and requests a change in table, you can assign a new table to the customer and in-process bill is also automatically shifted to the new table.

combining tables in restaurant management softwar

Combine Tables

Different tables can be combined to form a larger table.

One table is used for billing while the other attached tables are disabled and shown as part of the master table.

provisional bill for customers in restaurant software

Provisional Bill for Customers

Facility is available for a provisional bill for customers. Once the customer decides upon the mode of payment (cash, credit card), the final invoice is generated by the system.

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