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Video training center for Candela retail | POS software provides access to training videos in both English and UrduThese tutorials include basics for beginners as well as detailed instructions for advanced users of Candela. For more help, you can always contact us.

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Sales and Return in Candela RMS Video Tutorials



Watch Time: 2:32 (Minutes)

How to Put a Sales Receipt on Hold & Retrieve it

To put a receipt on hold, on the sales and return screen, click the Hold button to put the receipt on hold. Use navigation to retrieve it


Watch Time: 2:45 (Minutes)

How to Handle Item Wise Price Change in Candela

Give price editing rights to the user; enable Item wise price change on Configuration>Sales; check Allow Price Change box on product definition


Watch Time: 3:21 (Minutes)

How to Put Sales Receipt In Holding Automatically


Watch Time: 2:44 (Minutes)

How to Make Your Sales Password Protected


Watch Time: 3:10 (Minutes)

How to Manage Sales Commission in Candela RMS (Pt-1)


Watch Time: 2:27 (Minutes)

How to Define Customer and Perform Credit Sales


Watch Time: 3:45 (Minutes)

How to Search & Update Sales Invoices


Watch Time: 4:35 (Minutes)

Overview of Sales Reports


Watch Time: 6:03 (Minutes)

How to Manage Advance Order Sales


Watch Time: 3:06 (Minutes)

How to Sell Selected Items below Cost Price

On System Configuration>Sale mark the checkbox enable ‘Item Wise Below Cost Selling.‘ On Product Definition Allow Below Cost Sale


Watch Time: 2:42 (Minutes)

Attaching Multiple Salespersons to a single Invoice

On System Configuration>Sale tab check Item-wise sales person checkbox; now on the sales and return screen, you can select multiple salespersons for a single invoice


Watch Time: 4:13 (Minutes)

How to Enter Reason While Returning Items


Watch Time: 2:55 (Minutes)

New Sales and Return features in Candela


Watch Time: 3:27 (Minutes)

How to Manage Sales Commission in Candela RMS (Pt-2)


Watch Time: 2:56 (Minutes)

How to Define and Apply Customer Discount


Watch Time: 3:59 (Minutes)

How to Receive Payments of Credit Customers


Watch Time: 5:29 (Minutes)

How to Define a Salesperson

How to configure Dual Duplicate Screen in-Candela

Watch Time: 2:06 (Minutes)

How to configure Dual Duplicate Screen in Candela


Watch Time: 0:51 (Minutes)

How to Speed up the Invoice Saving Process

When you load products, the cursor will be in the product field, click Tab, the cursor will move to Cash field. And then click Enter twice to save the invoice.

Watch Time: 4:26 (Minutes)

How to Apply Customer Discount on Limited Quantity

On System configuration>Customer club, mark the checkbox Discount on Limited Quantity; on customer type screen, select customer type and enter details


Watch Time: 1:51 (Minutes)

Block Sales Against Expired Membership Cards


Watch Time: 3:40 (Minutes)

How to Use Customer-based Prices Feature


Watch Time: 3:28 (Minutes)

Price Changes & How to Handle Them in Candela


Watch Time: 3:06 (Minutes)

How to Apply Unit Discount and Adjustment


Watch Time: 5:06 (Minutes)

What are Non Payment Tills


Watch Time: 5:13 (Minutes)

How to Block Sales for Negative Inventory


Watch Time: 3:27 (Minutes)

How to Handle Distinct Items on Sale and Return Screen

On System Configuration>Sale tab, mark the checkbox Distinct Items in Sales and Return. On the receipt tab, mark checkbox Print Item Sum


Watch Time: 2:31 (Minutes)

Block Product Discount on Customer-Type Based Prices

On System Configuration>Sale tab, mark the checkbox Block Product Discount Under Customer Type Based prices and Update


Watch Time: 2:26 (Minutes)

How to Manage Drug Price Change In Candela Pharmacy


Watch Time: 5:11 (Minutes)

How to Apply Quantity Break Discount


Watch Time: 3:42 (Minutes)

How to Make Cash and Credit Card Sales and Return


Watch Time: 5:22 (Minutes)

Point of Sale Touch Screen Overview

setting multiple receipts on sales & return

Watch Time: 1:37 (Minutes)

Setting Multiple Receipts on Sales & Return


Watch Time: 2:30 (Minutes)

How to Delete Product and Sales Invoice on Sales & Return

How to Manage Wholesale Business in Candela



Watch Time: 4:48 (Minutes)

How to Manage Wholesale Business in Candela


How to Manage Salesperson Ledger

Watch Time: 6:19 (Minutes)

How to Manage Salesperson Ledger

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