Retail Software Training Center for Candela RMS

Retail software training center for Candela retail | POS  provides access to training videos in both English and Urdu. These tutorials include basics for beginners as well as detailed instructions for advanced users of Candela. For more help, you can always contact us.

Candela Retail Software Tutorials

To access the tutorial related to any category, just click the relevant category link and it will take you to the training videos of the retail feature you are looking for. To request any candela retail feature tutorial, send us a message on our contact page or get in touch on Facebook.

Retail software training center- email setting in candela

Two videos tutorials: Learn how to configure candela  retail software for sending emails

Batch management module in Candela retail software

Seven videos: Learn all about batch and expiry management in Candela Retail Software

Home delivery module management in retail

Six videos: Learn all about Home Delivery management and Home Delivery Module

Home delivery module management in retail

 This playlist has 4 videos. Two in English and two in Urdu. You will learn about SQL and Candela installation in detailed, step by step videos tutorials


 This playlist has 9 videos. You will learn about creating suppliers, entering stock, sample management & other related features, & GRN matrix


 This playlist has 12 videos. You will learn all about stock transfer

Packs and units in retail training videos

Six tutorials: Learn how to define and handle packs and units in retail/wholesale.

Learn customer definition

Two tutorials: Learn different aspect of customer definition in Candela

Candela training center: SMS feature

Five videos: how to configure Candela for SMS to customers, vendors, head office, etc.


 This playlist has 6 videos. You will learn about both POS and shop closing, how to block the closing if items are on hold, & closing reports

Purchase Order

 This playlist has five videos. You will learn how to prepare a purchase order & PO matrix. You will also learn to prepare region-wise PO and PO in sessions


 This playlist has five videos. You will learn how create and redeem gift cards.

How to use candela for size and color items

Seven videos: Learn how to manage size and color items in Apparel and Footwear

Retails software and POS training videos

Twenty videos: Detailed instructions about the various features of sales and return 

Restaurant retail management

Nine videos: how to use Candela for restaurant retail. Creating tables, halls, bills, etc.


 This playlist has 7 tutorials. Learn to barcodes. You will also learn about alternate nested barcodes, and Weighted  barcodes


This playlist has eleven videos. Learn how to apply various types of discounts in Candela like unit discount, value discount, by one get one free discount, etc.

Retail software training center: creating product assemblies

Six videos: Learn how to define, sell assembly products, check the stock of assembly products, etc.

training videos: customer order management in retail

One tutorial: Learn Customer order creation and Management in Candela

Restaurant retail management

This playlist has four videos. Learn how to perform audits, in sessions, & audit reversal.


This playlist has 12 videos. You will learn about entering all product details like name, code, price, tax, defining size and color products, suppliers, etc.


This playlist has six videos. Learn how to configure a loyalty club, its approval and activation, and points redemption, loyalty club reports, etc.

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