Sales Promotion Management

Sales promotion management in Candela is easy. Its discount-module that provides retailers and wholesalers with flexible sales promotion strategies. The video tutorials in this section cover the types of product promotions and techniques you can use to boost sales. For more help, contact our support department.

Sales Promotion Options in Candela Retail Software

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Sales promotion-introduction
Watch Time: 03:30 (min)

An overview of the discount screen. It focuses on the various fields on the discount screen plus different ways of selecting products for applying discounts.


Watch Time: 3:15 (min)


Watch Time: 3:03 (min)

Sales promotion: How-to-apply-invoice-and-product-discount_
Watch Time: 03:45 (min)

In this video tutorial,  you will learn how to apply the percentage discount on products and invoices. You will also see its impact on the  sales screen


Watch Time: 2:39 (min)


Watch Time: 3:00 (min)

Sales Promotion: How-to-Apply-Quantity-Break-Discount
Watch Time: 2:45 (min)

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to set a quantity break discount for various products according to the quantity range of the selected products


Watch Time: 2:45 (min)

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Discount

Watch Time: 2:27 (min)

Watch Time: 3:04 (min)

In this video tutorial, you will learn about the flat price discount. You will learn how to apply this discount type on all or selected products


Watch Time: 3:38 (min)

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