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Turn online buyers into regular customers. Use regular loyalty programs for online buyers

Selling online with Candela E-Connect is Easy. E-Connect uses Candela retail software database of products, price, inventory and customers on your web store making it easy to set up an Ecommerce store. Similarly, all online orders/sale invoices generated on the E-commerce store are available in Candela. You can thus have best of both worlds by keeping you in-store and online store data in sync.


Sell Online on Any Platform

E-Connect APIs are platform independent, and can be used by any E-Commerce solution to fetch the information. The information flow takes place between Candela Server, Candela E-Connect, E-Commerce Platform, and Candela Outlets.


Time-Stamp Based Information Flow

All information flow-of products, inventory, prices, customers- is time-stamped. Only the updated data is fetched by E-Connect to show on the E-commerce website thus speeding it up for easy browsing by customers.


Create Special Prices for Online Stores

Shop based prices in Candela can be used to create a different pricing strategy for online selling. E-Connect will fetch the shop based price for the E-store. If  case of no shop based prices the general price will be fetched.


Two-way Flow of Product Information

Two-way flow of product information takes place between the ecommerce store and Candela about all products, their attributes, pricing, etc. All new items defined in Candela are automatically fetched by E-stores.


Specific Items for Online Selling

To avoid unnecessary data on the e-commerce store, the web item feature can be used. Only those items marked as web-item in Candela will be fetched by E-Connect to show on the online store.  


Easy Redemption of Loyalty Points

Loyalty customers can easily shop on line and redeem their loyalty points. The Loyalty points redemption will be available on both online store and physical outlets and updated royalty points balance will be available on both.


Two-way flow of Available Inventory Information

With Candela E-Connect there is a continuous flow of information about stock. The information is constantly updated as new orders are booked and items are sold in both ecommerce store and physical retail outlet.


Management of In-Transit Orders

The Hold Quantity feature in Candela can be used to check inventory of in-transit orders from the E-commerce store. This helps in avoiding negative inventory sale or overselling and thus keeps your inventory count realistic.


Two-Way Flow of Customers Information

The customers created in Candela will sync with the E-commerce store, and the customers created on E-store will sync with Candela. Thus a central customer data base will be available to both online and physical stores.

Online selling with Candela E-connect

Sell Online With E-Connect: Frequently Asked Questions

Is E-Connect an E-Commerce platform?

No. E-connect is not an e-commerce platform. It is a product that connects Candela with Any ecommerce platform of your choice. Think of E-connect as a link or a bridge between your ecommerce store and Candela making possible the free flow of information between Candela and your ecommerce store.

How do I set up an ecommerce online store with Candela?

To setup an ecommerce store, you have to purchase E-Connect license from LumenSoft Technologies. Then a support person will mark a store as E-Connect store and will add some additional configurations

How long does it take to set up my online store with Candela E-Connect?

Once you have purchased the license for E-Connect, our support person will configure E-Connect store on your system, it will take around an hour or two to get the job done.

How much does it cost to run my online store with E-Connect?

The cost for running your online store with E-Connect involves license cost, deployment cost and SLA charges.

How do I add more products on my E-commerce store?

All items defined in candela by item definition will be shown on the online store. 

Does this mean that every product I define in Candela will be available on the online store?

Yes. But you can always choose which products you want to show on the online store. If you want to show a certain range of products on the E-Commerce store, you can do so.

How do I check the sales of my online store?

You can check sales by opening the  Report menu in Candela: Reports > Sales Report>’C-68 E-Connect Sales Report 

Can E-connect be used to connect two shops to two different e-commerce platforms?

Yes. You can easily connect two outlets to different E-Commerce platforms. For this, you need to get two E-connect licenses.

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