How Bookstore POS Makes Selling School Syllabus Easy

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Selling School Syllabus with bookstore Software

Candela Bookstore software has made it easy for booksellers to keep track of inventory and manage book selling according to book titles, book genres, authors, etc. Other than books on a wide range of topics, many big and small bookstores also sell stationery and syllabuses of various schools. Thus when the new school session starts and the demand for school syllabuses increases, things can get a little hectic. Loading the same syllabus countless times can eat up a lot of time.

But with Candela retail POS and inventory software, you can speed up the entire process, and in this post you will learn how to load the entire school syllabus in one go.

Let’s get started.[spacer height=”20px”]

Create a text file of Syllabus for each Class[spacer height=”20px”]

Let’s understand the text file with the help of an example. Suppose you want to prepare a text file of grade 5 syllabus.

Open the notepad and create a vertical list by typing down the code of each book ( or copy) included in the class syllabus, and after a comma add the quantity of the book or copy required. For example, to add a social studies book, write down its code, enter a comma, and write down the required quantity of the book.

Similarly, if 4 copies of Urdu reader are needed, write down the code of the reader, enter a comma and mention the number of copies required. The notepad file will look like the following image:

Syllabus of Grade 5


Prepare notepad files of syllabuses of all classes and save them.[spacer height=”20px”]

Configure Candela for Selling School Syllabus[spacer height=”20px”]

For configuring Candela, go to Configuration>Store definition

Select your shop and check Show Loaders checkbox.

Now your candela POS is ready to load the syllabus text file.


[spacer height=”20px”]Selling School Syllabus in one go [spacer height=”20px”]

On the sale and return screen, click the Loaders link.

Load Sales button will appear

Click the Load Sales button and select the text file of the syllabus.

The entire file will load in the grid.

In this way, whenever a new customer comes and demands the syllabus of a particular class, you don’t need to load every book and copy one by one. You can simply load the entire syllabus of every class in one go. Make retail Simple!

Selling School Syllabus in one go

[spacer height=”20px”] Are you a bookseller? Have you ever used the loader feature for selling school syllabus? Let us know in the comments section. 

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