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Non-Payment Till in Candela

What is Non-Payment Till?[spacer height=”20px”]

Non-payment tills function like retail POS where products are scanned and the total bill is issued to the customers. However, there is one major difference. Here payments are NOT received.

In any medium-sized or big retail store, you can see different POS counters for various product sections. These are usually non-payment tills. Here customers get their products scanned and collect bills, and submit them at the cash counter or payment-till to make payments and get the sales receipt.

Although creating a non-payment retail POS is not the first thing retailers think of when they buy retail software, such tills make checkout easier and faster. Since the products are already scanned and billed, the customers only have to make the total payment and collect their products.

Setting up and operating a non-payment till in Candela Inventory Management Software is very easy. In this article, we will show you what this till looks like and how billing is processed from non-payment to payment till

Let’s get started.[spacer height=”20px”]

How to Set up Non-Payment Till in Candela[spacer height=”20px”]

Once you have the Candela license for extra POS tills, you can designate any POS till as non-payment. To check your license information from Candela Menu, click Windows>About Candela


[spacer height=”20px”]Nonpayment tills are created on separate systems, usually one for each section or sections.[spacer height=”20px”]

Assign Non-Payment Till status to the System[spacer height=”20px”]

Only Admin or the user having the rights to do so can assign the till status .

Go to Utilities>Setup and Configuration>Register New Client

Enter the name of the Computer you want to designate as Nonpayment till

Enter a Code for it (this code will be visible on receipts made on that till), and Save[spacer height=”20px”]

How Non-Payment Till Functions[spacer height=”20px”]

When products are brought to non-payments, they are scanned (or manually entered). The system will automatically apply VAT and all product discounts already configured for any item.

But remember, all customer discounts, POS discount or adjustments are applied at the time of payment on the cash counter or payment till.


[spacer height=”20px”]Once you save products and click the save button, the system prints the bill showing POS code, receipt number, and receipt barcode:[spacer height=”20px”]

non-payment-till-receipt in Candela

[spacer height=”20px”]If a salesperson is selected at the non-payment till the system will print her or his name on the bill.

Remember: Bills made at non-payment tills have no impact on sales, cash ledger or stock unless the sales are punched at the payment till.[spacer height=”20px”]

How Non-Payment Bills are Processed[spacer height=”20px”]

At the cash counter, customers submit the bills collected at all non-payment tills.

To process payment, the cashier scans the barcode of each bill to load it on the payment screen. The cashier can also click  F3 or quick links button and enter the non-payment receipt number in the pop up:

Loading-Nonpayment-till-bills-on-cash-counter in Candela
entering -bill-number of non-payment bill in Candela

[spacer height=”20px”]The bill loads on the screen and the Comments section will show invoice number, salesperson, and the total quantity of items of each scanned receipt [spacer height=”20px”]

sales and return screen in Candela

[spacer height=”20px”]Checking Un-scanned Nonpayment Bills[spacer height=”20px”]

Many bills are made at non-payment till during any given day. Sometimes, these bills are not submitted for payment. Such bills for which payment is not processed remain in the system until they are either processed or deleted.

You can check all un-scanned nonpayment bill by going to : Reports> B-Audit Reports> B-04 Un-scanned NP Bills

Non-Payment retail POS is an effective way to make the checkout experience fast for your customers. It is quite easy to set up, and the entire process is simple. If you have any questions, do let us know in the comments.


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