Shop and POS Closings in Candela RMS

Daily POS and shop closings are important to keep the finances of your retail/wholesale business streamlined. POS and store closings help you prevent theft or loss due to human error, and with cash & bank reconciliations your month-end or year-end closings become easier.

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Closing Management System in Candela


shop and pos closings: daily -cash-flow-detailed-&-summary_report

Watch Time: 3:04 (Minutes)

Daily Cash Flow Detailed & Summary Report # 3a



Watch Time: 4:55 (Minutes)

How to Manage Shift or POS Closing # 2


Shop & POS Closings: pos-cash-flow-detailed-&-summary_report

Watch Time: 3:41 (Minutes)

POS Cash Flow Detailed & Summary Report # 2a



Watch Time: 4:05 (Minutes)

How to Manage Store Closing in Candela # 3


Shop and pos closings: Important-cash-flow_reports

Watch Time: 3:01 (Minutes)

Important Cash Flow Reports # 5



Watch Time: 3:20 (Minutes)

Concepts of Cash Flow Management



Watch Time: 2:32 (Minutes)

How to block till closing if sales receipts are on hold


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