Size & Color Management

Size and color management is important for retail/wholesale businesses like footwear and apparel. The matrix format in Candela retail software makes it easy to manage inventory and sales of size and color items.

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Stock and Sales Management of Size and Color Products



Watch Time: 4:12 (Minutes)

How to Define SKU Wise Retail Price In Size and Color

SKU wise retail price for size and color items is managed on the Product Price tab of the Product Definition screen.


Watch Time: 2:39 (Minutes)

Allowing Outlet to See the Stock of Selected Outlets Only

To make the selection, go to Configuration>Misc>Allow Shops To Search Products


Watch Time: 2:29 (Minutes)

How a Store Can See the Stock of Other Stores

To  check a particular product on various outlets go to Utilities>Product Utilities>Search Product screen

Watch Time: 2:26 (Minutes)

How to Merge Different SKUs on Sales Receipt

To show merged SKUs on sales receipt, select SR-10 Product-Based Small (3 inch) with Price and Qty receipt type


Watch Time: 2:37 (Minutes)

How to Check Available Sizes While Making Purchase Order

To check  the stock of available sizes while making a PO, load products and click Check Available Sizes button 


Watch Time: 2:23 (Minutes)

How to See Stock of SKUs in Matrix Form

To check the current stock in the matrix format, go to Reports>D-Stock Reports>D-08 Shop Inventory Matrix


Watch Time: 2:19 (Minutes)

How to Check Stock of Items Available In Cut Sizes

To check the items in cut sizes, go to Reports>Stock Reports>D-27 Cut-Size Report

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