Stock Audit in Candela RMS

Candela retail | POS software has a robust stock audit module that helps you manage your inventory and maximize profits. Regular stock audits help you maintain optimal inventory levels,  keep track of leakages,  and avoid missed sales.

Stock Audit Management in Retail & Wholesale

All these video tutorials are available on our YouTube channel, Retail Talk. The links given below will take you to the required video on the channel.



Watch Time: 7:36 (Minutes)

Introduction: Stock Audit Screen

This video tutorial explains why stock-audit is important, how it can increase profits by managing inventory, and how to perform it. The tutorial provides an overview of the stock audit screen in Candela RMS. To access the screen, go to Shop Activities>Stock Audit. The video explains the purpose of different fields and buttons and how you can use them to perform stock-audit.


Watch Time: 3:07 (Minutes)

Introduction: How to Perform Stock Audit of All Products



Watch Time: 3:18 (Minutes)

Introduction: How to Perform Stock Audit of Partial Products



Watch Time: 3:04 (Minutes)

Stock Audit using Sessions : Introduction



Watch Time: 5:34 (Minutes)

How to Perform Complete Stock Audit using Sessions



Watch Time: 3:30 (Minutes)

Retail Software: How to perform Partial Stock Audit using Sessions



Watch Time: 8:28 (Minutes)

How to Do Stock Audit Search & Reversal

Learn how to view, reverse or delete the implemented audit. To view the implemented audits, click the Search button on the physical audit screen. View saved implemented audits according to the search criteria. To reverse audit, go to Shop Activities>Physical Audit Reversal. Here the last implemented audit details will be visible. Click Delete button to reverse it. It will open on the main Physical Audit screen. Or click the Delete button to delete the reversed audit.


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