Utilities Module in Candela

Utilities module in Candela retail software includes various functionalities needed for seamless retail management. The utilities menu include  configuration utilities, general utilities, product utilities, and price utilities.

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Candela Utilities Module: Video Tutorials

The video tutorials in this section help you learn how to use the various utilities in Candela like taking backup, deleting data, changing prices, etc.


Watch Time: 2:02 (Minutes)

How to take database backup



How to change Product Retail Price in Bulk

Watch Time: 4:38 (Minutes)

How to Change Product Retail Price in Bulk




Watch Time: 5:09 (Minutes)

How to Delete Data using Data Deletion Utility



Watch Time: 4:49 (Minutes)

How to Load Products through Product Loader File




Watch Time: 3:20 (Minutes)

How to Deactivate a Product



Watch Time: 4:14 (Minutes)

How to Configure Candela Training Mode




Watch Time: 4:24 (Minutes)

How to change product cost Price in Bulk


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