Walk-in customer Information on Non-Payment Till

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walk-in customer information on non-payment till

​Walk-in Customers information on non-payment tills can serve many purposes. But before you can use this feature, you need to know how a non-payment till works in Candela retail software. Moreover, you should also know about the walk-in customers feature in Candela.

As we explained in previous articles, Non Payment till can make the check-out experience seamless and keep your customers happy. And our article on Walk-in customers showed how you can record and process walk-in customers information in Candela.

Now Candela retail software combines these two features to make retail faster and simpler.

Let’s learn how it is done and what purposes this feature serves.[spacer height=”20px”]

Walk-in Customers information on Non Payment Till Configuration[spacer height=”20px”]

The first step is to make an important configuration that will help you record walk-in customer information on the non-payment till.

Go to Configuration>System Configuration>Sale tab

Now mark the checkbox Allow Walk-in Customer at NP Till

Update.[spacer height=”20px”]


Recording Walk-in Customer Information on the Non-Payment Till[spacer height=”20px”]

On the non-payment till, click the phone icon beside the customer/member field or press CTRL+W to enter the information. 

A pop-up will appear

Enter cell number, name and address

Click the cross icon or or press ESCAPE to close the pop up

Enter products and save

Note: If you just want to enter walk-in customer’s name, you don’t need to open the pop up, simply enter the walk-in customer’s name in the main customer/member  field


Non-Payment till Walk-in Customers Report[spacer height=”20px”]

The system will fetch all walk-in customer information entered at various non-payment tills and show it in the J-03 Shop NP Receipt Report


You can then export the report and save it in your walk-in customer database.

Now that you know how to configure NP till for walk-in customers and record information, let’s have a look at how this feature can help retailers.[spacer height=”20px”]


Queue Busting

One very basic purpose this feature serves is queue busting. As you know, long queues at the checkout counter can mar the customer experience. And if you start collecting walk-in customer data at the cash counter, it will take time and the next customer will have to wait longer.

This is where the facility of entering walk-in customer data at non-payments tills comes handy. You can not only gather walk-in customers’ information but also keep the check-out experience fast for your customers.[spacer height=”20px”]

SMS Marketing

Since walk-in customer data is collected at different non-payment tills, you can collect large data sets and expand your sms marketing campaign.[spacer height=”20px”]

Identify Abandoned Carts Customers. [spacer height=”20px”]

Sometimes, customers pick up items and collect bills at non-payment tills but they change their mind at the last moment and don’t make the final payment at the cash counter. If customers’ information is collected at nonpayment tills, you will have a database also of the customers who never actually purchased or abandoned a few items. You can also use this information to contact customers and ask for the reasons of cart abandonment.[spacer height=”20px”]


In this article, we have shown how you can configure nonpayment till in candela to record walk-in customers’ information. By using this feature you can expand your sms marketing, and make the check-out experience fast for your customers. Moreover, this feature can also help you track the customers who left the cart before making payments. In the comments section below, let us know what you think of this feature and how you are using it.

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