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how to manage walk in customers in Candela

Many retail stores run loyalty programs for their regular customer base. As the data of such customers is maintained in the system, the retailers can easily track how well their loyalty program is performing and can run promos targeting the customers’ data.

However, a regular footfall to a store includes a number of walk-in customers who may be first-time visitors or whose data is not saved in the system. It is important to keep a record of such customers to be able to run promotional campaigns and turn casual visitors into loyal customers.

Candela retail software allows you to gather information about all the customers who walk into your store.
In this post, we will show you how to record, organize and use walk-in customers’ data in Candela for building long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Let’s get started![spacer height=”20px”]

Walk-in Customers Record[spacer height=”20px”]

The first step is to record the contact information of the first time visitors to your retail store. All you need to do is ask her/his number and enter it in the customer/member field on the sales and return screen in Candela.

If you want to record the customer’s name enter plus sign with the number. All walk-in customers’ data (names and mobile numbers) will be saved in the system.

recording-customers-numbers in Candela

[spacer height=”20px”]Making Customer Information Recording Mandatory[spacer height=”20px”]

While the recording option is available on the sales and return screen, there is always a chance that the person at the POS may forget to do so. This is where the candela feature of mandatory recording comes in.

To ensure that every customer data is recorded in the system, you need to do one important configuration:

Go to: Configuration> System Configuration>Sale tab

Mark the check-box ‘Enforce Mobile Number’

To make the information entry process quicker, in the Mobile Masking # field enter the common initial digits for mobile numbers.

Once the configuration for the mandatory recording of mobile numbers is done, a phone icon will appear on the sales and return screen. Click the icon and enter cell number and email in the required fields. Enter a name in the customer/member field:

enforce-mobile-number recording in Candela
Making Customer Information Recording Mandatory

Walk-in Customer Reports[spacer height=”20px”]

All walk-in customer data is saved in the system and you can easily generate reports and export the data for use in promotional campaigns. There are two different reports, H-08 and H-10, to show the recorded information for both non-mandatory and mandatory recordings.


[spacer height=”20px”]Running Promotional Campaigns for Walk-in customers[spacer height=”20px”]

When you have the data, you can send messages about various promotional activities to the potential customers. After generating the report, you need to export data. Export the file in CSV format and select the required radio buttons:

exporting- report data-in-Candela

The next step is to send SMS or emails (for emails you need to export the email column as well).

Go to Utilities>Send SMS

Click Load Mobile Numbers button and select the file. All numbers will load in the Mobile number column. Now write the SMS and click Send as Mobile SMS.

loading-mobile-numbers-for-promo in Candela

Candela thus provides a complete solution for not only recording walk-in customers’ details but also sending promotional messages as SMS or emails.

For a tutorial on SMS, configurations check this document

Do let us know in the comments section below how you manage your customers’ information. For any information or suggestion, contact us. We are always there for you.

Happy Retailing!

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