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Customizations in Candela

Candela POS and inventory management software has many features that make managing retail stores simple and efficient. In this post, we will outline the five customizations that you can easily make according to your requirements.[spacer height=”20px”]

Training mode in Candela to Practice New Features[spacer height=”20px”]

The training mode in candela is a very effective way to practice Candela. However, even when you have become an expert candela user, the training mode can be your friend in need. As you know, new features are added to candela in every release. You can practice these features on your original data in the training mode.

You just need to configure the training mode by going to Utilities>Setup and Configuration>Candela Training mode. [spacer height=”20px”]

Once there, click the button ‘Configure Training mode’ and follow the instructions. All the transactions and data saved in the system before the configuration date will be transferred to the training mode but this will have no impact on the original data.[spacer height=”20px”]

For example, if new batch management features are available, you can try them out on the original data in the training mode. Once you are comfortable with using them, you can benefit from the new functionality on the original screen. During the practice, you can also switch from training mode to regular mode and vice-versa.[spacer height=”20px”]

Customize Candela Screens[spacer height=”20px”]

Every retail business has unique business needs. To serve every type and size of retail verticals, each screen in Candela has a number of important input fields to record information. But while some retailers may need a certain type of information the others may not find it necessary to do so. And this where the customization of Candela screens becomes so useful.

For example, there are many input fields on the Product Definition screen, and sometimes you may not need to record information in every field. In such cases, you can simplify the screen by hiding the fields you don’t need.

Just go to Utilities>Setup and Configuration>Customize form Controls Expand Product Definition, mark the checkboxes against the fields you don’t need, and save.

Now your screen will become simpler and show only those fields that you want to use.

customize form controls in retail software

Tool Bar Customization[spacer height=”20px”]

Candela toolbar shows shortcuts for the frequently used screens:


Depending on your requirements you can customize candela to show the shorts that you need. Moreover, you can also change the images for these shortcuts and to personalize it.

For example, by default, the first toolbar shortcut is for Product Definition screen; if you want to change it to, say, ‘Discount’ you can do. Go to Utilities>Setup and Configuration>Tool Bar Customization.

Select user from User Groups (toolbar will be customized for users of the selected group).

Select the module under which this screen falls. Since Discount fall under the Configuration module, you will select the Module Name from the dropdown menu.

From Screen Name drop-down, select Discount. Enter a tooltip to identify the tool. Change the screen icon if you want to use some other image, and update


[spacer height=”20px”]Customize Candela Labels and Language[spacer height=”20px”]

Candela also gives you the freedom to change labels and language on various screens. This customization can help when you want to change field labels according to your business needs.

For example, if you are running a restaurant and want to use the world ‘waiter’ instead of ‘salesperson’ on the sales and return screen, you can easily do it.

Similarly, if you want to change the label ‘VAT’ to GST you can do so.

To use this customization tool, go to Utilities> Setup and Configuration> Language Translator.

Here are the following three steps you can use to easily change any label:

Click Expand/ Collapse to 1st Level button.

In the first row of the Eng_Us column, type the label you want to change.

All the screens where the label is used will load in the grid Change the label’s name for the screen where you want a new name. Click Save.

customizing labels in Candela retail software

Select which screen appears when you Log in[spacer height=”20px”]

With Candela, you also have the option to decide which screen you want the system to display when you log in.

You can check the options by going to Configuration>System Configuration>General tab.

From the welcome screen drop-down menu, select the screen If you select ‘sales and return’ sales and return screen will be displayed when you log in.

Or you can select the ‘welcome screen.’ The Welcome screen has short cuts to important screens.

configuring-welcome-screen-in-retail software
[spacer height=”20px”]We have highlighted just five of the customizations that can help you personalize candela. How many are you using? Is there any other customization you find valuable? Let us know in the comments section. Happy Retailing
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