Product Definition in Candela

Retail management in Candela RMS begins with defining products in the system. While defining products, you need to enter the basic information about a product like its code, name, cost, and retail. For products with size and color, you need to attach sizes and colors available for each product.

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Product Definition in Candela Retail Software



Watch Time: 3:19 (Minutes)

How to Define Line Items

Defining Line Items is the first step. Products are defined by selecting the required line item for defining products


Watch Time: 3:07 (Minutes)

How to Define & Attach Line Item & Product Based Attributes

Attach product attributes to add more labels and generate more specific reports. Customize attributes


Watch Time: 2:02 (Minutes)

How to Set Inventory Levels

Setting Inventory Levels helps in preparing PO according to the required level


Watch Time: 4:49 (Minutes)

How to Load Products through Product Loader File



Watch Time: 3:11 (Minutes)

How to Enter Stock from Product Definition Screen


Product Definition in Candela

Watch Time: 3:02 (Minutes)

How to Define a Product

Learn how to Define Products in Candela and add the basic information like code, cost, and retail


Watch Time: 1:31 (Minutes)

How to Attach Supplier to a Product

Attaching suppliers to products helps to easily load products attached to each supplier while preparing PO


Watch Time: 1:27 (Minutes)

How to Enter User Price

User Price feature is used to keep the price flexible- to learn more about use price click here


Watch Time: 3:30 (Minutes)

How to Search & Update Product Information



Watch Time: 3:50 (Minutes)

How to Manage POS Based Line Items


Product Definition in Candela of size and color items

Watch Time: 5:00 (Minutes)

How to Define Size & Colour Products

For Size and color items like apparel and footwear, sizes and colors are attach with each product


Watch Time: 4:12 (Minutes)

How to Enter Sales Tax (Purchase)

The Purchase tax entered on Product Defintion will automatically show purchase tax while entering stock


Watch Time: 3:05 (Minutes)

How to Customize Product Definition Screen

Customize Product Defintion screen according to your requirements. You can read more here


Watch Time: 4:32 (Minutes)

Product Definition Additional Information



Watch Time: 3:32 (Minutes)

How to update or Delete product Code Template



Watch Time: 5:28 (Minutes)

How to Enter Product Code & Create Product Template

Creating a Product Code Template helps you automate the coding process for defining products


Watch Time: 5:50 (Minutes)

How to Enter Sales Tax (Sales)

The sales tax is automatically added on the sales and return, You can keep it inclusive or exclusive of retail price


Watch Time: 2:07 (Minutes)

Overview of Product Reports


Watch Time: 3:59 (Minutes)

How to Delete or Update Line Item & Product Based Attributes



Watch Time: 3:48 (Minutes)

How to Define Service Line Item


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